XMission software developer job opening

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 15:45:11 MDT 2019

We're looking for a software developer fluent in Perl and Python. The full
details of the job can be found at https://xmission.com/jobs. With that said,
here's what we're looking for:

Software Developer Duties and Responsibilities

    * Manage existing Perl and Python codebase
    * Manage and develop APIs
    * Develop web-based realtime interfaces for customers and staff
    * Troubleshoot and debug applications
    * Modify existing database schema, and create new databases as needed
    * Manage database server
    * Ensure system uptime for mission-critical systems
    * Maintain current in-house accounting system, resolving issues that arise in a timely manner
    * Deal with multiple stakeholders to build system requirements
    * Work with a team of system administrators to ensure provisioning fulfillment
    * Create reusable code that is well-documented
    * Stay up to date with current best practices
    * Follow and learn new and emerging technologies
    * Write and verify code tests within development, staging, and production environments
    * Participate in code reviews
    * Work with Controller to generate reports from the billing system

Software Developer Requirements and Qualifications

    * Linux focused and preferential
    * Fluent in Perl
    * Fluent in Python
    * Fluent in MySQL
    * LDAP knowledge a plus
    * Mobile push notification experience a plus
    * Experienced in Javascript and Web based realtime interfaces
    * Familiarity with front-end frameworks such as Vue.js, Flask, and Node
    * Familiarity with version control such as git, and CI/CD
    * Familiarity with basic accounting concepts
    * Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    * Comfortable working as part of a team
    * Self-starter with good organizational skills
    * Ability to prioritize with a view toward the business

Send your resume to jobs at xmission.com.

I don't get any kickbacks or anything for posting this. Just putting this out
there, in case some of you are looking. Let me know if you have any questions.


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