Would anyone be interested in a PLUG chat room?

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Wed Mar 20 11:23:42 MDT 2019

There is also a system called Matrix. It is 100% open source, and it allows people to connect using whatever system they want, (Slack, Telegram, IRC, etc.) since Matrix provide bridges from all popular systems, or you can use a Matrix client directly. I don't know about making the conversation externally searchable.

On March 20, 2019 at 10:40:35 AM, AJ ONeal (Home) (coolaj86 at gmail.com) wrote:

I'm not big on online chat these days because to me it seems to be just 
giphys and other noise. 

However, I can't stand Slack. I hate that it's closed. Not just closed as 
in closed beer, but closed as in closed speech. Everything is silo'd off 
into a time-bomb bitbucket. None of the history is preserved. It's not 
searchable. If ever something useful goes on, it just goes to the black 
hole. I'm also not a fan of how a simple chat app requires more CPU and RAM 
than most operating systems... but that's probably true of all of them 
these days... 

If it's easy to preserve searchable (i.e. Google-able) history with 
Telegram I would be much more in favor of that. Though, admittedly, between 
Slack and Discord, and Zoom, and all of the other communication tools that 
I'm forced to use if I want to be part of communities, I can't say I'd be 
super excited about installing yet one more. 

It really bothers me that all of the popular communication tools are now 
walled gardens (email having fallen out of favor). I don't know what to do 
about it. 

Nevertheless, my philosophical vote is to use a tool that 

* first and foremost *preserves *and *makes accessible* (i.e. searchable) 
useful content 
* second aligns with the Linux philosophy to some degree (open, available, 
CLI accessible) 
* promotes high signal to noise (i.e. more questions and answers than 
giphys and tweets) 

If it's possible to meet goal 0 by using some sort of bot plugin with slack 
that creates a web page out of the history (just like the IRC bots of old) 
I'm not terribly opposed to using Slack, but I prefer the community ethos 
of discord. 

AJ ONeal 

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