Would anyone be interested in a PLUG chat room?

Michael Holley mailinglists at michaelholley.us
Wed Mar 20 09:14:46 MDT 2019

Hi All,

I listen to a couple of different Linux focused podcasts and both of them have created a chat room for their listeners to jump in and chat with other listeners and the hosts of the podcasts. I've really enjoyed having that ability to get to know these people in a way that I wouldn't otherwise. Though having a mailing list can be helpful to push out a communication I was thinking if we had a PLUG chat room were we can idle in during the day and help each other out it may help us build up the Linux community in this area.

Right now, I've found that most people in the open source world gravitate around the messaging tool called Telegram. In years past, this chat room functionality would have typically been performed by IRC but it really hasn't changed much since the 90s and is missing a lot of the features that we've come to expect in a modern messaging platform. Telegram, on the other hand, provides many more features than IRC can. Here are a few key features that make Telegram different:

1. Sticker, animated gifs, images, audio, and video messaging types in addition to text.
2. You can look back through the history, even before you were connected, to find answers to common questions or to find when a thread started.
3. It has great clients for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and the web.
4. It supports custom built bots, like IRC does.

I wanted to see if others would like that. If others would like it, we could create a room and then post instructions on how to join to the mailing list, and on the plug.org website.

~ Michael Holley

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