FW: PLUG possible topics - please forward to group

Simister, James james.simister at us.panasonic.com
Thu Jan 25 10:39:40 MST 2018

Thanks, Bob! Great suggestions.

From: Bob McCann [mailto:bob.g.mccann at gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 8:58 PM
To: Simister, James <james.simister at us.panasonic.com>
Subject: PLUG possible topics - please forward to group

Apparently I can't reply to the PLUG e-mails - they get rejected.  :(

1. How to customize your Linux build.
2. How to set up a database with an API service and a simple server.
3. Internet of Things
4. Bash scripting for beginners
5. Cron jobs and what they are good for
6. Industry certifications - which are best, how to study for them, study/learning sessions
7. Containerization
8. Drive and peripheral management in Linux

Off the top of my head anyways.

- Bob

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