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On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 1:35 PM, Tod Hansmann < at>

> I'm looking for some sort of single login server.  Not single sign-on.
> That's something this could enable in some cases, but it's not my goal.  I
> just want to have one account that isn't a social media thing.  Ideally it
> would fulfill these:
> - Can self host, preferably on Linux
> - Provides OAuth2 and maybe OpenID?
> - Would ideally be something I can use for OS logins on Linux and Windows
> (OSX is a pipe dream), so Kerberos and LDAP I guess?
> - Secure, duh
> - Can control sub-logins, like of my kids.
> - Can preferably revoke access to third parties later, like "I don't want
> site X to have access anymore"
> Any thoughts on possibilities if they exist?  Or am I looking at something
> like using OpenLDAP and tacking on OAuth2 access to it?
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This is something that I am honestly interested in as well, as I'm certain
others are. One nice addition to the request would be to allow time limit
restrictions for users. I'm not certain if that's even possible...

~ *Frostyfrog* ^.^

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