Single login server

Tod Hansmann at
Wed Jan 17 13:35:46 MST 2018

I'm looking for some sort of single login server.  Not single sign-on.
That's something this could enable in some cases, but it's not my goal.  I
just want to have one account that isn't a social media thing.  Ideally it
would fulfill these:

- Can self host, preferably on Linux
- Provides OAuth2 and maybe OpenID?
- Would ideally be something I can use for OS logins on Linux and Windows
(OSX is a pipe dream), so Kerberos and LDAP I guess?
- Secure, duh
- Can control sub-logins, like of my kids.
- Can preferably revoke access to third parties later, like "I don't want
site X to have access anymore"

Any thoughts on possibilities if they exist?  Or am I looking at something
like using OpenLDAP and tacking on OAuth2 access to it?

-Tod Hansmann
Problem Solver

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