x server and DE running from a chroot or container

Brandon Gillespie brandon at cold.org
Tue Jan 16 18:41:33 MST 2018

A container of any type will be difficult because they don't virtualize 
devices -- if you want to put your graphics device into the container, 
the host level system cannot use it.

Your best bet is to probably just use a virtualization stack, like vmware.


On 01/16/2018 03:56 PM, mike at dev-zero.net wrote:
> it looks like that i might be forced to use a system running centos 7 for my regular workstation. centos is not exactly known for keeping things up to date and i've been use to using a debian based distro for years. the idea that has crossed my mind is running my x server, DE, and such from a chroot or container. has anyone tried something similar to this? if so, how did you do it? i spent some time doing some web searches and didn't really come up with anything that i considered a useful solution. thoughts?
> mike
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