Do I really need Plex Premium?

Brian J. Rogers captbrogers at
Fri Jan 5 10:48:10 MST 2018

I agree with Jonathan, if you are using other cloud services and don't see
much interest in ripping your own library, don't bother.

My personal experience with Plex has been great. I bought a lifetime pass
for myself after having a subscription for a year. I am a stickler about
having access to the files of media I own, which is why I've opted for
ripping everything myself and using Plex. Yeah, it's time consuming and I
may have to rip the same movies a few times until I get the right combo of
settings to have a good quality copy that isn't 5GB, but I'm a bit of a
weirdo that doesn't mind doing such things.

On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 10:27 AM, Jonathan Grotegut <jgrotegut at>

> My daughters bought me a lifetime pass. I went through the trouble of
> ripping all of my movies, music, etc. For us, it is super nice to have all
> of our media on the go as we don't subscribe to cloudy services besides
> prime and netflix.  As much as I like them, their selections are often
> lacking for our tastes.
> I also don't like some of the online services where you have to purchase
> your digital copy as well, when you already purchased the physical disc.
> The single biggest reason I wanted plex premium was for the profiles. There
> is some content that we own that I want to restrict my kids from watching.
> Having their own profile allows for this.
> If you aren't ripping your own media, or using any of the other features of
> plex premium, I wouldn't waste the money.
> On Jan 5, 2018 9:12 AM, "Robert Merrill" <robertmerrill at> wrote:
> > Dear PLUGGERS.  This is the list I go to when I need advice from zealots.
> > You're like my Jedi Council. I bow in obeisance to your sudo-level wisdom
> >
> > So, I upgraded to plex premium a while back and felt... nothing.  I
> really,
> > really, really want this thing to work well for me partly because I love
> > the UI, and I want to be supportive of an open source project that also
> > attempts to stick it to the Man just a bit. .. but because I dont seem to
> > have the patience to rip all my DVRs/Blu-Rays and or that streaming just
> > works to well for me while on my First World Internet Connection -- I am
> > having a hard time justifying why I have this.  Its not like the
> > subscription will break me, but I dont like the clutter of an unused
> > subscription laying around.  I'd rather get some value out of it. Is it
> > because I have sold my soul to and I should give up and revel
> in
> > my unworthy consumerist wretchedness?
> >
> > So help me out.
> >
> > Here are the caveats:
> >
> > I dont want a local media/nas server. I did that before and seem to be
> less
> > interested in such things in my old age haha.  Plex cloud, I hoped, would
> > solve that. and its awesome to run a plex server in the cloud. I have
> many
> > terrabytes of online storage but nearly no local storage (unless I could
> > hack my google fiber DVR box haha).
> >
> > The local TV/DVR option seems cool. Is it great enough to go buy a HD
> > antenna? Is it going to give me what I am hoping for, or is YouTube TV
> > (which is surprisingly dope, by the way) an easier option if not better
> > since then my content is, again, in the cloud.
> >
> > I have already given away all my personally identifiable information in
> the
> > form of being a religious Verizon and Google user, so I am not that
> worried
> > about anyone watching my behaviors online. So what if I like, I mean, my
> > daughter, likes My Little Pony, ok? I've just accepted it.
> >
> > Also, I dont torrent or pirate. All my movies I own (just like you, of
> > course).  I used to buy physical discs, and could get into doing that
> again
> > except its so blasted easy to buy them digitally and so comparatively
> hard
> > to rip the physical discs so everyone ends up using UV or Vudu to watch
> > even online movies.
> >
> > Finally, music and "personal media files" . Well, we subscribe to
> Spotify,
> > which rocks, so that's out (there goes my billion years worth of
> carefully
> > ripped and curated mp3 files) and personal movies and media files are
> > really, REALLY boring. So never once has anyone in my household said out
> > loud "hey, lets watch those videos we took that day we were on a hike and
> > thought that tree was super interesting so we made a video of it."
> >
> > So... what are reasons for me to hang on to plex?
> >
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