Do I really need Plex Premium?

Robert Merrill robertmerrill at
Fri Jan 5 10:11:38 MST 2018

Dear PLUGGERS.  This is the list I go to when I need advice from zealots.
You're like my Jedi Council. I bow in obeisance to your sudo-level wisdom

So, I upgraded to plex premium a while back and felt... nothing.  I really,
really, really want this thing to work well for me partly because I love
the UI, and I want to be supportive of an open source project that also
attempts to stick it to the Man just a bit. .. but because I dont seem to
have the patience to rip all my DVRs/Blu-Rays and or that streaming just
works to well for me while on my First World Internet Connection -- I am
having a hard time justifying why I have this.  Its not like the
subscription will break me, but I dont like the clutter of an unused
subscription laying around.  I'd rather get some value out of it. Is it
because I have sold my soul to and I should give up and revel in
my unworthy consumerist wretchedness?

So help me out.

Here are the caveats:

I dont want a local media/nas server. I did that before and seem to be less
interested in such things in my old age haha.  Plex cloud, I hoped, would
solve that. and its awesome to run a plex server in the cloud. I have many
terrabytes of online storage but nearly no local storage (unless I could
hack my google fiber DVR box haha).

The local TV/DVR option seems cool. Is it great enough to go buy a HD
antenna? Is it going to give me what I am hoping for, or is YouTube TV
(which is surprisingly dope, by the way) an easier option if not better
since then my content is, again, in the cloud.

I have already given away all my personally identifiable information in the
form of being a religious Verizon and Google user, so I am not that worried
about anyone watching my behaviors online. So what if I like, I mean, my
daughter, likes My Little Pony, ok? I've just accepted it.

Also, I dont torrent or pirate. All my movies I own (just like you, of
course).  I used to buy physical discs, and could get into doing that again
except its so blasted easy to buy them digitally and so comparatively hard
to rip the physical discs so everyone ends up using UV or Vudu to watch
even online movies.

Finally, music and "personal media files" . Well, we subscribe to Spotify,
which rocks, so that's out (there goes my billion years worth of carefully
ripped and curated mp3 files) and personal movies and media files are
really, REALLY boring. So never once has anyone in my household said out
loud "hey, lets watch those videos we took that day we were on a hike and
thought that tree was super interesting so we made a video of it."

So... what are reasons for me to hang on to plex?

Robert Merrill
801-228-0529 (calls/txts OK)

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