Anyone using Backblaze B2 cloud storage for backup?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Aug 24 17:53:33 MDT 2017

On 08/24/2017 04:22 PM, Riley Loader wrote:
> Sorry to spam. I just re-read; Backblaze B2 charges 0.5 cents (a half a
> penny) per gig per month. That IS cheaper than what I'm paying, by more
> than 50%!

Anyone remember the Verizon cents vs dollars fiasco? :)

Here's a link to Backblaze's price sheet: Like AWS, they
charge for storage, download, and for transactions, but for my purposes,
I'll never exceed their free transaction limit in a day.

Is it possible to use duplicity and get efficient incrementals when you
encrypt the backup somehow? Do you do encryption with backup to AWS or
any other cloud storage systems?

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