Anyone using Backblaze B2 cloud storage for backup?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Aug 24 13:10:53 MDT 2017

Now that Crashplan is eliminating their home user plan, and also the
free peer-to-peer system, I'm in the market for some new cloud backup.
Most solutions are about double the cost of what CrashPlan home was.
Someone suggested I look at the Backblaze B2 cloud storage system, and a
tool like duply/duplicity as an interface into it.  The prices seem
great to me.  They charge .5 cents (real cents, unlike Verizon!) a GB
per month for storage, and 2 cents/GB for downloading, which seem
reasonable to me.  B2 has versioning as well, and if you use duplicity
to rsync up to it, it can work as a decent backup system I think.

Do any of you have experience with Backblaze B2, and have any of you
used duplicity to automate and script your backups?

Also are there any other tools for doing a peer to peer backup to a
friend in a remote location, much like crashplan free did?

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