August Meeting: The surveillance capitalism will continue until morale improves

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Tue Aug 8 17:15:50 MDT 2017

Apocalypse Now!! But seriously, it sounds interesting.  :)

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 10:40 AM, Steve Meyers <steve at> wrote:

> Date: Tuesday, August 15th
> Time: 7:00pm
> Location: UVU Business Resource Center
> Speaker: Jon Jarvis
> The War on Privacy is ongoing and it is escalating. Invasions into your
> privacy have become sneakier, highly automated, difficult to avoid and
> increasingly convoluted to opt-out from. Content platforms and advertising
> networks are actively seeking and developing new technologies to collect
> and correlate the physical identities, movement, characteristics, and
> Internet activity of consumers.
> Skip this talk if you're already familiar with and prepared to defend
> against:- Instant facial recognition and correlation at scale- Geo-fenced
> content delivery- Retailer and municipal WiFi tracking- Unblockable browser
> fingerprinting- Cross-device ultrasound beaconing- Inescapable data brokers
> Data poisoning and obfuscation may be our only chance for survival. Come
> with me - what I will show you is only the shore on a continent of horror.
> Just go in the front doors, and follow the signs. We're usually in a
> conference in the back of the main floor.
> has directions and a map

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