Junior Software Engineering Job Opportunity

Lane Brooks lane at brooks.nu
Wed Oct 26 18:26:41 MDT 2016

Brooksee is developing cameras for cutting edge applications in life 
science, medical, consumer, and military. We are hiring a junior 
software engineer to help us across all these projects. We are looking 
for a sharp person with creative problem solving capabilities who loves 
to code and build things. No previous experience is necessary if you are 
willing to learn on the job. A passion for photography/video is a plus. 
This is a full time position in Highland, UT. Tasks include:

- Developing image processing pipelines for medical, life science, and 
consumer cameras.

- Developing GUIs on PCs and mobile devices for video display.

- Programming on embedded processors, PCs, and mobile devices in all 
different languages.

- Opportunities to do hardware design, as desired.

If you are interested, please send your resume to lane at brooksee.tech.

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