Beta testers & devs? New OSS tool for containers

Brandon brandon at
Fri Oct 21 14:51:28 MDT 2016


I**could use some help with new Open Source tool (Reflex 
<>) before I do a general release. It is 
designed to help with the pains of containers.  Developer minded people 
with experience in Docker**is great.

If you are wrestling with containers, it may be good for you. This tool 
came about to deal with the gaps in all the enterprise tools we've 
played with (Kubernetes, Docker Cloud, Docker Datacenter, Convox).

A high level overview:

Conventional configuration management systems focus on servers, and 
pivot around static assets. These systems struggle with continuous 
software delivery, safe management of secrets, and Infrastructure as Code.

Reflex centers itself around the concept of services, live configuration 
states delivered at run-time and ephemeral deployments in continuous 
delivery pipelines.

Reflex is not designed to be a software delivery system, nor is it 
designed to be a software build system. It is instead meant to fill in 
the gaps of the variety of existing systems, fixing many of the 
challenges faced as the industry evolves and improves.

It is designed with modern ABAC security concepts to address secrets in 
the emerging "Internet of Things" world, and is meant to support secure 
run-time delivery of services, enhancing the solutions you already may 
have in place today to improve your options beyond what is possible with 
your current tools.

Reflex may not be for you if you are only interested in a handful of 
containers in a single environment (no tst/qa/stg/prd) and a few 
environment variables. If you are wrestling with managing the sprawl of 
microservices, pipelines and coherency around both, or if the 
rabbit-breeding key-value secrets in vault/etcd are getting you down (or 
heaven forbid you are storing your secrets as plain environment 
variables), then Reflex may be of value.

Anybody interested in playing with it, please ping me :)  The docs on 
the website may not be right, so if you run into bumps I'd love to hear 
about it.  Anybody willing to help also greatly appreciated. *I'd also 
love to do a meetup and talk Docker configuration and scale issues in 
general, and how the classic tools (puppet/salt/chef/etc) seem to be an 
anti-pattern to the ephemeral container world. *Thanks*!***-Brandon 
Gillespie *

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