Last night's meeting

Doran Barton fozz at
Wed Oct 19 09:36:58 MDT 2016

Last night's PLUG meeting was very well attended. I suspected it might be,
so we collapsed the tables in the room and brought in a few extra chairs
from the conference room in the front of the building. Just about every
chair was filled. The Linux 101 presentation seemed to be very well

One problem, however, was that our usual sponsor of pizza failed to
deliver, literally. I'd like to remind list members if any of your
employers are hiring or especially appreciative of the service PLUG
provides, feel free to sponsor food at our monthly PLUG meeting.

I'd like to know how others feel about making an introductory topic, or a
101-level presentation, a regular thing. Derek and I were discussing this
last night and thought maybe quarterly would be a good interval.

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