evince and okular won't display any pdfs

Barry Roberts blr at robertsr.us
Thu Jul 28 10:05:10 MDT 2016

So, my desktop at work started out a while back as Fedora 20 or 21.  It's
been upgraded along the way to Fedora 24.  I don't recall exactly when this
happened (might have been the upgrade to 23), but evince and okular won't
display any pdfs.  mupdf and xpdf work just fine.

The error message I get from evince is this:
Failed to load backend for 'application/pdf':
/usr/lib64/evince/4/backends/libpdfdocument.so: undefined symbol:

I've 'dnf reinstall'ed evince, evince-libs, all the poppler rpms, and I
don't have any infinality fonts or libraries installed.  I've removed any
fc20-fc23 rpms hanging around and my system is up-to-date with dnf.  I'm
out of ideas.

Anybody seen anything similar, or have any ideas on getting evince working


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