[JOB] Daplie seeks Eclectic Nerd for Home Server stuff

AJ ONeal (Home) coolaj86 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 15:24:23 MDT 2016

> Your cloud product sounds interesting, but how will it differ from
> synology or drobo?

Could your grandma use a synology or a drobo?

The main difference is the target market. We're not going after geeks and
IT whizzes, we're targeting the general consumer.

As such all of the setup - configuration of Domains, DNS, etc - is
automatic and we're designing the apps to be simple and focus on real
workflows. For example, with our desktop client for files you'll be able to
right-click *any* file on your computer, regardless of what folder it's in,
and share it with *any* contact.

Since we're focused on user experience and we don't pay any attention to
the specifics of your media we can also provide the kind of music and video
experiences that you would expect - like sharing and listening in realtime
with friends.

AJ ONeal

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