Jobs At Myriad Genetics in Salt Lake

Jacob Albretsen jakea at
Wed Jul 20 00:29:03 MDT 2016

Greetings PLUG.

I wanted to share a couple of job openings at my employer in case anyone is 
interested / looking:

Search in Information Technology in US-UT-Salt Lake City and you'll find 
descriptions for:

1 - Network Security Engineer III
2 - DevOps Engineer

The network job is in my "group" so to speak and you'll often need to walk by 
my cubical or interact with me in the datacenter.   There is also a basketball 
hoop in our office.  And the supervisor is awesome.

The DevOps one is supposed to work closely with the Linux Engineering team I 
am on and with the developers.  Officially you'll be in the department with 
developers (Informatics).

If you have any questions about the job or Myriad in general, feel free to 
drop me an email to discuss.  If you apply, let me know and I can drop your 
name / resume directly in front of the right people while the HR cogs of the 
application slowly turn.

- Jake

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