[JOB] Daplie seeks Eclectic Nerd for Home Server stuff

AJ ONeal (Home) coolaj86 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 22:13:21 MDT 2016

Hey All,

Imagine being the first person that Apple ever hired when it set out to
take wall-sized machines and put them in tiny boxes in bedrooms. Now
imagine instead being the first person that Daplie ever hired when it set
out to take football field sized server farms and put them in tiny circles
in living rooms.


We (Daplie.com) are looking for talent who is both a Jack (or Jill) of many
trades and also a master of some, to help build and improve our three core

*Daplie Domains* - A dynamic domain registrar (i.e. being able run websites
of your raspberry pi or your laptop)

*Daplie IP* - A Reverse VPN service to enable devices and servers behind
janky ISPs, HOAs, work, school, and corporate firewalls to have public IPs
(i.e. see above)

*Cloud by Daplie* - An in-home server with user-expandable storage for the
consumer and retail market (think an iPad with terabytes of storage as a
private server in your home).

You know that "out of space" message you get on your phone when you want to
capture your kids? Or how there's currently no way to actually stream your
movies on any device? Or how you can't stream and/or share your own music
library (like TSwift, indie bands, radio edits)? Or how the Pokemon GO
servers can't keep up with demand because they're all centralized? Or how
Google, Apple, and Microsoft are selling you laptops and phones with 128 gb
of storage in retail stores so they can charge you $10/mo for the rest of
your life online? Or how your home security company wants to lock you into
a 5-year contract for $70/month?

Those are the kinds of problems we're solving with Cloud (and enabling
DIYers to solve on their own with our online services).

Our ultimate goal is to take back the Internet - to make it great again. ;)

Instead of an internet where all user data is stored in giant server farms
where people pay monthly for limited use and access to things that they
have created or "bought", we see a future where everything from your photos
and text messages to home security to VR and AR platforms run off of
commodity hardware in your home that you own and control - no privacy
invasions, no security breaches, no monthly fees.

If that strikes your interest, well, we don't have a typical "job
description", we're more looking for someone with talent in multiple areas
who feels passionately about the future of the Internet in terms of
Privacy, Ownership, and Cost.

Some things that we need help with:

Node.js & JavaScript
(The Cloud by Daplie "OS" is built in node)

Frontend & Design
(making it pretty and accessible like it's 2012, none of this flat garbage
that grandma can't understand)

BSD / Linux
we need our system to boot < 10 seconds, have security tight like unto a
dish, and a million other things - and we'd love to move it to BSD at some

lots of networking code for the RVPN

our DNS server works, but it's not to-spec

we need help implementing this

iOS, Android, Windows 10
we need mobile apps

implementing domain keys, getting removed from black lists, all sorts of

OAuth & OIDC
we have our own backwards-compatible flavor we call OAuth3 and it's core to
our security and automated setup process

Hardware - both EE and ME
our core product, Cloud, is a lovely puck (see website) that goes in homes,
connected to home routers - for maximum convenience and privacy - and
although its primarily our partners who are working on the design and
manufacturing, at some point we need to bring that in-house

Reply to me aj at daplie.com if you're thinking "Wow... just wow".


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