[OT] Free Gadgetry (Arduino, Cables, Dev Boards, Adapters etc)

AJ ONeal (Home) coolaj86 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 20:46:03 MDT 2016

I have a boat load of electronical wizardry and technical gadgetry that
needs a new home.

Donations to the AJ fund are accepted, but not required.
Must pickup in PG.

It includes stuff like:

Every type of 5v and 12v wall adapter (HUGE box of these)
Every size and shape of USB A and USB mini cable

Arduino Dev Kit
TinyDuino Dev Kit

Other *duino-ish stuff

3 Firefox Phones

Energizer 15-minute AA/AAA battery charger

Gumstix with Chestnut and 4.3" Touch Screen
Gumstix with Tobi


Apple Macbook Air Charger

16-port 100mbit switch

2 OpenWRT (Linksys WRT54G-TM) 32mb / 8mb routers
(one with booster antenna)

2 copies of Windows 7 (OEM kit and Retail)

Gramafon WiFi Music Player (works with Spotify, and Qualcomm AllPlay)
(basically an Apple Export Express marketed for the audio feature rather
than the also-included WiFi repeater feature)

Every sort of Audio / Video cable and adapter and splitter

SD Card readers

Dual Sata II / USB 2.0 Hard Drive dock (ThermalTake)

Media Pi - Raspberry Pi B (original) enclosure

OS X Leopard discs

iGrabber for OS X - composite video capture (yellow video cable)

8mm camcorder (not the cool old school, but the just before digital)

Assortment of cables, adapters, stuff

Lemme know...

AJ ONeal

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