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Olli Ries olli at olli-ries.com
Mon Dec 19 17:39:10 MST 2016

Hi AJ,

Very interesting post. I am currently working as VP of Eng at Canonical and
am responsible for anything Ubuntu but Server/Cloud - most interesting for
this context is Ubuntu Core.

I'd like to chat with you about a few things:
1) OS platform - what's your choice atm and how Ubuntu Core could fit
2) employment - I am considering a year sabbatical next year or a dab into
UTs startup scene
3) investment, I see you crowd source investments, I am looking at early
investments in local startups

Let me know if any of these sound interesting.


On Dec 19, 2016 17:24, "AJ ONeal (Home)" <coolaj86 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Down with Google, Apple, and Facebook!
> We’re taking back the Internet - meaning re-decentralizing and making it
> read-write again.
> Okay, now that I’ve got your attention:
> We're looking for full-time (primarily, but not exclusively) devs who want
> both the opportunity to become an owner in the company they work for and to
> make a significant contribution to the future of the web.
> We build an in-home, no-strings-attached, security-first, complete cloud
> system with expandable storage that uses private home internet connections
> on personal domains (i.e. smithfamily27.com).
> Setup is completely automated and the whole system is designed to be as
> easy for our grandmas to use as their iPads are.
> It offers all of the benefits of the public cloud without the hassle or
> inconvenience (or security flaws). This means complete ownership, privacy
> and control, with no monthly fees, no arbitrary limits on users, storage or
> sharing, backups (as in actually in more than one location) and it can be
> as public or private as you like.
> See https://daplie.com/preorder
> It’s also the world’s first crowd cloud (we're building it scale across
> your real-life social network).
> We’re doing stuff that nobody does, so instead of people who want to
> continue doing things the same backwards way that they’ve been since
> dial-up (putting everything on a public cloud instead of making use of
> perfectly viable private home and business connections), we’re looking for
> fresh enthusiasts and uncommon talent with vision to see the future and
> think outside the box. Imagine this:
>    - Reliably owning your digital stuff (no revoked content, region blocks,
>    or ransom emails)
>    - Musicians and artists selling directly (not tied to iTunes and
> Spotify)
>    - Small businesses being able to take direct payments (no 3-6% + 30¢ off
>    the top)
>    - Genealogy being in the hands of the families (not behind a walled
>    garden)
>    - A social network built on a literal social network (not just a few
>    datacenters)
>    - Private home automation and Internet of Things (no digital backdoors
>    to your home)
>    - P2P gaming, AR, and VR (multi-player that works even after Nintendo
>    drops support)
> We’re building that future with node.js, html5, golang, https, letsencrypt,
> (dynamic) DNS, domain registration, secure tunneling, Linux, macOS/iOS,
> Android, Windows 10, JSON APIs, and a hint of Raspberry Pi (similar
> anyway), so there are a lot of ways to be useful.
> Do you really want to stick with a company that only finds new and
> innovative ways to turn people into data points just so it can sell them to
> someone that offers some new soda with more caffeine than they’re used to?
> Or do you want to change the world?
> If you'd rather pick the latter, send a message to jobs at daplie.com and
> tell
> me about it.
> AJ ONeal
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