[JOB] Come build the future with Daplie

AJ ONeal (Home) coolaj86 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 17:23:40 MST 2016

Down with Google, Apple, and Facebook!

We’re taking back the Internet - meaning re-decentralizing and making it
read-write again.

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention:

We're looking for full-time (primarily, but not exclusively) devs who want
both the opportunity to become an owner in the company they work for and to
make a significant contribution to the future of the web.

We build an in-home, no-strings-attached, security-first, complete cloud
system with expandable storage that uses private home internet connections
on personal domains (i.e. smithfamily27.com).

Setup is completely automated and the whole system is designed to be as
easy for our grandmas to use as their iPads are.

It offers all of the benefits of the public cloud without the hassle or
inconvenience (or security flaws). This means complete ownership, privacy
and control, with no monthly fees, no arbitrary limits on users, storage or
sharing, backups (as in actually in more than one location) and it can be
as public or private as you like.

See https://daplie.com/preorder

It’s also the world’s first crowd cloud (we're building it scale across
your real-life social network).

We’re doing stuff that nobody does, so instead of people who want to
continue doing things the same backwards way that they’ve been since
dial-up (putting everything on a public cloud instead of making use of
perfectly viable private home and business connections), we’re looking for
fresh enthusiasts and uncommon talent with vision to see the future and
think outside the box. Imagine this:

   - Reliably owning your digital stuff (no revoked content, region blocks,
   or ransom emails)
   - Musicians and artists selling directly (not tied to iTunes and Spotify)
   - Small businesses being able to take direct payments (no 3-6% + 30¢ off
   the top)
   - Genealogy being in the hands of the families (not behind a walled
   - A social network built on a literal social network (not just a few
   - Private home automation and Internet of Things (no digital backdoors
   to your home)
   - P2P gaming, AR, and VR (multi-player that works even after Nintendo
   drops support)

We’re building that future with node.js, html5, golang, https, letsencrypt,
(dynamic) DNS, domain registration, secure tunneling, Linux, macOS/iOS,
Android, Windows 10, JSON APIs, and a hint of Raspberry Pi (similar
anyway), so there are a lot of ways to be useful.

Do you really want to stick with a company that only finds new and
innovative ways to turn people into data points just so it can sell them to
someone that offers some new soda with more caffeine than they’re used to?

Or do you want to change the world?

If you'd rather pick the latter, send a message to jobs at daplie.com and tell
me about it.

AJ ONeal

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