Entry level events?

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Fri Aug 12 17:05:28 MDT 2016

Despite the url: http://programming-motherfucker.com/become.html

Is one of the best curated lists of excellent learning resources I've ever
seen. Most beginning tutorials will walk you through compiling your first
program step-by-step. You might also check khan academy and/or code academy
for free tutorials, or just use google--they abound. A lot of universities
are putting whole courses online for free now--you could search for some of
those as well. Many languages that have their own de-facto community site
will also offer learning resources. For C++ you can check the C++ FAQ lite
maintained by Marshall Cline, one of the members of the standards
committee. Java may have something similar--check Oracle's or IBM's java

As for learning how to make a bootable CD--pick a distro then check their
docs. Most will have a tool. As far as making it start a program at
boot--that will vary by their tool but shouldn't be difficult. There are
several docs that show how a bootable CD image can be turned into a
bootable USB drive.

Building and maintaining a custom live-cd distro is an entirely different
topic, and not anything simple.

On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 3:54 PM, Alan Kirkwood <a_d_kirkwood at yahoo.com>

> I like this idea, (intro then workshop) but I REALLY like the idea of a
> Saturday event.
> For me at least, I have some responsibilities on Tuesdays that conflict
> with the group schedule.
> All I need is some instructions on how to compile that first C++ and/or
> Java application and a good reference text, then I'm on my way.
> I wouldn't object to some help figuring out a bootable CD and/or thumb
> drive and having my app start at boot time if anyone has a simple handout
> for that.
> ******************
>  Another idea is, what if we had a mini intro
>  presentation (Lightning talk?)
>  at the start
>  and then had the workshop at the end? Kind of like what
>  they
>  do at LDUG.
>  ~ *Frostyfrog* ^.^
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