Entry level events?

Frostyfrog frostyfrog2 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 13:45:20 MDT 2016

I'd love to help, but sadly, I'm not so good with any sort of general
introduction talks. I have much more experience helping people in a one on
one scenario because I can assess the other person's current understanding
and adjust how I'm talking so that they can understand :/

Doubt I'd make a good speaker for this meeting. I'd love to help, but I
don't think I'm qualified to speak on this.

~ *Frostyfrog* ^.^

On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 11:09 AM, Steve Meyers <steve at plug.org> wrote:

> I'm happy to have whoever wants to present do whatever topic they want. If
> you've got an introductory topic you'd like to present on, I'm game. :)
> I've already moved Tyler's beginner Kerberos presentation back to
> September (he was supposed to present this month), so October is our next
> available slot.
> On 08/10/2016 10:38 AM, Doran Barton wrote:
>> On Wed, 10 Aug 2016 16:13:00 +0000 (UTC)
>> Alan Kirkwood <a_d_kirkwood at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I know it's boring for the guru's of Linux to even think about something
>>> for the newbies (and retreads), but are there any scheduled events for
>>> those of us who need something a bit more basic?
>> Sounds like September's meeting should be more introductory. Steve?
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