Are we doing any GPG/PGP signing parties?

Lonnie Olson lists at
Fri Nov 6 10:33:26 MST 2015

On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 9:42 AM, Jonathan Duncan
<jonathan at> wrote:
> As I mentioned earlier I sign and pass messages these
> days with (using GPG) or

Interesting, I haven't heard of before.  It's quite
interesting, but since the key is held by the website instead of the
recipient, the message can be intercepted and read by the
operators, or anyone that can successfully intercept the SSL
transaction between recipient and (Corporate SSL

PGP (including on the other hand uses proper keys held by
sender/recipient.  So I guess your choice depends on the sensitivity
of the message and/or the ability of the recipient to use proper keys.

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