Are we doing any GPG/PGP signing parties?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Thu Nov 5 16:30:40 MST 2015

On Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 12:55 PM, Josh <mathwhiz1212 at> wrote:

> As far as I understand it, the GPG/PGP web of trust is alive and well.
> (links below)
> If PLUG isn't interested in doing a PGP key signing party I can see if
> any of the other LUG's in the area would be interested.
> Ohio linux festival:
> At open west:
> Southeast linux fest:
> The regularly take place at WineConf:
> They regularly take place at Ubucon:
That is cool. After Thawte pulled the plug[1], I became disenchanted with
the prospects and stopped following signing parties.


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