AWS / CentOs 6 and interfaces

Matthew Frederico mfrederico at
Thu Nov 5 14:15:52 MST 2015

I've checked with the GOOGLEBOT, and ran through several different
configuration options and no dice.

I have a client building out his technology on AWS - however AWS only
allows for 10 ips on a single interface and he needs ~ 20 to resolve to a
single machine.

   - It's an M4 size instance so that gives me 2 interfaces to bind to it.
   - I am able to bind localnet ip's to the interface ETH1 - however not
   sure why it can't see the outside world and vice-versa
      - I suspect a routing issue - but I'm wondering if bonding or
      bridging the interfaces would be a solution?

I'm up against a brutal deadline on this and can give ssh access to the
server if necessary.

-`;'- Matthew Frederico

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