Running Apache in chroot jail

Ken Jordan ken.w.jordan at
Wed Oct 15 00:01:06 MDT 2014

> Sounds interesting. Got a URL? I think I may have heard mention of Docker
> on the list before, but don't recall it's web site address.

Here is the interactive tutorial <>

If you have access to ye olde watch this video for a great demo
of configuration management (SaltStack in my case) and Docker. Super
powerful stuff. I should've mentioned previously though that Docker is
totally dependent on Linux. You can only run it on Linux I mean. So if you
are using a BSD variant then you have jails which are also pretty cool, but
I think lagging a bit when it comes to support from config management tool.
But I did notice something that may be interesting while double checking my
facts here. Maybe someone can comment on this link (I haven't been using
FreeBSD actively for a while)?

Anyway Dan, it might be helpful for us to know which OS you're using
underneath so we provide better suggestions.
​ You mention using chroot instead of jails so I'm guessing Linux but we
should probably be sure.


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