Running Apache in chroot jail

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at
Tue Oct 14 08:42:52 MDT 2014

Thus said Dan Egli on Tue, 14 Oct 2014 00:09:12 -0700:

> I was wondering if anyone had any  good URLs for how-to's or FAQs that
> explain how to run Apache in a chroot jail.

Apache httpd runs with chroot by  default on OpenBSD from base. You have
to intentionally disable it with -u if you don't want it.

Newer versions of OpenBSD use nginx  (also likely chrooted) and there is
rumor that they will replace that  with their own httpd, which will also
likely be chrooted.

I  highly recommend  starting  with  a base  system  that  is secure  by

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