Best way to source a USB wifi adapter for master mode?

Matt Melvin rage_311 at
Wed Oct 8 16:56:56 MDT 2014


I need to find a decent USB wifi adapter, with either a high gain or
detachable antenna, that supports master (AP) mode in Linux.  Also,
signal strength is much more important than throughput, so I don't
care whether it's G, N, or AC.  The problem seems to be that many
products on Amazon or Newegg don't list the actual chip in their
specifications, so it's difficult to figure out what's really in them.
SOME products list this, so in the case that I find some decent
adapters, what's generally the best brand of chip to look for?  I've
heard good things about the Atheros drivers in general, Realtek has
been hit or miss for me, and Ralink seems to be more miss than hit.
My mPCI-E Intel chip in my laptop has worked well for all modes in the
past, but I haven't run across many (or any?) Intel USB adapters...

Does anybody know of a good source that actually lists all of the
needed information?  Or a good model off the top of your head?  What
route would you suggest I take to find what I need?

Thanks for any help.


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