OS version of Exchange & Outlook

Richard Esplin richard-lists at esplins.org
Wed May 21 09:21:35 MDT 2014

The magic phrase you should plug in to Google is "open source groupware". 
There are tons of projects in various states of disrepair.

Good luck,


On Wednesday, May 21, 2014 06:49:30 plug.mailing-list wrote:
> >Anyone got a good recommendation for an exchange SERVER replacement? :)
> I'm unclear at what you're trying to accomplish.  Your first post to the
> list made me think you want an open source alternative to Exchange, but
> your responses seem to indicate you want an open source client to work with
> an exchange server (with the exception of the line quoted above.
> If you want to replace Exchange, look at Zimbra Collaboration Server
> (http://www.zimbra.com/products/zimbra-collaboration/zimbra-open-source.htm
> l).  If you want to interface with Exchange, Thunderbird with plugins may
> work.

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