a bit OT: used laptops, computrace rootkit

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Sun Mar 23 18:38:42 MDT 2014

I've purchased two computers in the past year.  Both PC's came with Win8 installed, but have been running Linux since then.  Here are my findings after reading your email (and linked article):

I purchased a refurbished Dell Inspiron 3520 from Costco (it had been opened and returned).  UEFI listed a single setting for Computrace as 'deactivated' (no option to permanently deactivate).

I purchased a new Lenovo T430 directly from Lenovo.  UEFI listed Computrace as 'enabled' but there was also a second setting that was 'deactivated'.  I was able to change both settings to 'permanently disabled' and 'permanently deactivated'.

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