Bash Tutorial: What's My Line?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Fri Mar 21 16:33:29 MDT 2014

On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 9:33 AM, Jeff Anderson <java.emitter at>wrote:

> *The Command Line*
> Bash is said to have a command line interface (CLI) because what you
> literally do is type a command to your computer (or a remote one) on a
> single line.  Well, sometimes it's more than one line, but let's pretend
> it's only one for now.
> <snip lots o bash>
> Now that you can type a line of text into bash, I will next give you the
> power to command the computer via Bash.  So, get your mouse ready, and
> practice saying, "transparent aluminum", Scotty.  When I return, we shall
> type in some magical invocations that Richard Stallman refers to as
> 'cantrips'.  I ask only a few zorkmids (approximately a billion Dogecoin)
> for admission.  If you don't have any gold, I suppose you can just stay a
> while and listen.
> You got a web address with all this stuff?  ;)

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