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We have a website?

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 1:01 AM, Steve Meyers <steve at> wrote:

> The site has been running Drupal 4.7 for some time now.  We've
> discussed moving it off of Drupal for a while now, and today I made the
> switch.  It's now running Wordpress.
> I know, I know.  Wordpress sucks.  I agree with many of the complaints
> about Wordpress, but it does the job we need and is easy to use.  What's
> more, it's easily upgradeable, which is important.  I have taken some
> precautions to lock down the Wordpress installation, as well.
> There were some features on the old site that I'm not sure were used much.
>  These include the member directory, contractor directory, and local
> company statistics.  If these are important to you, please let me know, and
> I will endeavor to get them working again.  If nobody objects, we'll just
> leave them be.
> Steve
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