Changes to

Steve Meyers steve at
Wed Mar 19 01:01:18 MDT 2014

The site has been running Drupal 4.7 for some time now.  We've 
discussed moving it off of Drupal for a while now, and today I made the 
switch.  It's now running Wordpress.

I know, I know.  Wordpress sucks.  I agree with many of the complaints 
about Wordpress, but it does the job we need and is easy to use.  What's 
more, it's easily upgradeable, which is important.  I have taken some 
precautions to lock down the Wordpress installation, as well.

There were some features on the old site that I'm not sure were used 
much.  These include the member directory, contractor directory, and 
local company statistics.  If these are important to you, please let me 
know, and I will endeavor to get them working again.  If nobody objects, 
we'll just leave them be.


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