Optimum search with geospatial coordinates

Steve Meyers steve at plug.org
Wed Mar 19 00:10:57 MDT 2014

On 3/18/14 8:43 PM, Grant Shipley wrote:
> Just to clarify my last statement as I don't know if you aware that
> database have spatial capabilities by default.  In fact, I just finished
> writing a chapter for an upcoming book that includes an example of pretty
> much what you are trying to do using mongodb 2.4 by enabling a 2d spacial
> index.  I can send you the relevant parts of the chapter if you want to
> review the code that is written in Java EE you can check it out on github
> at github.com/gshipley/mlbparks

PostgreSQL and MySQL both have native geospatial types and indexes, 
although MySQL's support is less complete in all but the latest versions.


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