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> My experience this week is the interviewers are claiming the job is 6
> month contract-to-hire, and the recruiter is claiming it is direct
> hire.  The recruiter checked with his people after the first bit of
> confusion during the phone interview and supposedly it was cleared up
> and was indeed direct hire. Then at the second interview, I was told
> no, 6 month contract-to-hire.
> So like I said, verify everything.  Repeatedly.

Indeed. But I would be wary of this company. I think it might be
reasonable to ask if the company's communications are always this bad.
The responses will be telling.

On the other tentacle, I went into a large company many years ago,
through a recruiter. I had, I believe, a half hour with each person who
was to interview me. Because no-one had been given my resume
beforehand, and n-one had asked for it beforehand, I spent a large
portion of each interview twiddling my thumbs while each interviewer
scanned my resume. This did not create a good first impression for me!
I ended up taking the job, and subsequent communications were better.

Moral of the story: either have your resume on line (as I did at the
time) or bring spare copies to your interviews.


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