Visual deception

Sasha Pachev sasha at
Mon Mar 17 17:24:03 MDT 2014

For a good laugh.

This morning I looked at my monitor and saw what I thought was a
sticky window that said New Balance on it. It was obscuring a portion
of the screen I wanted to use and it refused to disappear. I tried
clicking on it, minimizing and restoring various windows, no luck.
Hmm... I said, this is quite a bug in the video driver, or maybe even
in the video firmware itself. Maybe if I make something drastic
happen, like run a screen saver or play with screen resolution it
would go away. No luck. I did not want to reboot. The window was
relatively small, and did not bother me that much, so I just let it
sit. But like all of us on this list, in the back of my mind I was
still curious as to the cause of this and how to fix it. So I finally
came up with a fresh idea - turn the monitor off and then back on.
Something completely unexpected happened when I turned the monitor off
- it was dark with the exception of the mystery New Balance window. I
double-checked to make sure that the monitor was really off - it was.
It dawned on me at that point that the obstruction was of physical
nature. A New Balance gift card somehow got stuck to my monitor. April
Fools Day is coming up, so maybe this could give someone an idea.

Sasha Pachev

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