IMPORTANT : Noble Cause - Linux InstallFest for PLUG meeting

Steve Alligood steve at
Mon Mar 17 11:17:55 MDT 2014

BYU has a surplus sale also, tagged as "occasionally", but have an email list that you can get on for notification.

On Mar 16, 2014, at 10:30 PM, Tod Hansmann wrote:

> On 3/15/2014 10:44 PM, Doug Hales wrote:
>> Most of these items are available in large quantities for very cheap at the
>> UVU surplus sale, which is the last Friday of each month, which should be
>> the 28th for this month.
> Slight clarification on this: the sale is the last Friday of each month IF they have enough surplus to sell.  I don't know what their rate of success is on this, but the lady we called when we were looking into it a few months ago seemed to stress this point.

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