smoke detectors that don't suck

Michael Lovell toelovell at
Thu Mar 13 18:58:13 MDT 2014

hey all,
first off, thanks for all the input on printer suggestions from last week.
it was very helpful and informative.

it appears though that multiple things in my house are wanting to die and
last night i awoke to the wonderful^Wawful sound of a smoke detector chirp
about a low battery. long story short, when changing a battery didn't help,
i ended up just pulling 2 of my 6 smoke detectors off the ceiling to be
able to get some sleep. now i'm faced with the need to replace a few smoke
detectors and figure i might as well replace them all since they are all
over 6 years old and near the end of their life spans.

the detectors i currently have are some first alert smoke/co combination
detectors with a hardwire and battery. they were installed by the builder 6
years ago so i'm pretty sure they were about the cheapest that could be
found. do any of you have any recommendations about brands or models or
smoke detectors?

i primarily want something that is going to alert properly (not alert when
it shouldn't and alert when it should) and hopefully that doesn't have the
really annoying, high-pitched, and impossible-to-sleep-through low battery
warning. i have looked at the first alert ones that have voice alerts and
the one-link wireless but the user manual indicates that it still does the
annoying chirp with a low battery. i have also looked at nest protect but i
think 130/each is a little out of my price range.

any thoughts or recommendations from the group?


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