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Lance Grover lance.grover at
Thu Mar 13 09:47:36 MDT 2014

On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 7:07 PM, Tod Hansmann < at>wrote:

> I'm fiddling with some *duinos a bit and I thought it would be a good
> discussion topic.  Tell me, what would YOU want to do with a *duino?

Well, with an arduino I currently use it as part of my solar panel
monitoring system, I have used one to control a pan/tilt for a camera, I
have used one to control an old R/C car, and I used one to build a cnc
prototype out of old CDrom drives.  Fun stuff.

The problem I am running into with my solar panel monitoring system is that
the project is getting a bit complicated and the arduino is locking up on
me.  I am thinking of switching to a Pi...

I WANT to use one to monitor light/water and control water of my garden,
but that might end up getting complicated as well...

Sure are fun to play with though, and great to teach others electronics.


Lance Grover

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