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Tue Mar 11 01:24:37 MDT 2014

On March 8, 2014, Charles Curley wrote:

> After this discussion the next time I need a printer, I'll reconsider

> laser v. inkjet.

For my own experiences, the only real reason to use an Inkjet printer
anymore (or, a bubblejet if it's one of those rare models) is if you have a
photo printer and you're printing photos. Those printers seem to last
longer, but they're expensive compared to normal inkjet printers from what
I've seen. If you're just printing color (or especially B&W) text and a bit
of graphics (i.e. printing web pages and the like) but don't need
photographic quality, I honestly don't see a reason to buy an Inkjet save
the lack of money to buy a laser. And then I'd seriously consider just
waiting until I could afford a good laser.

I know for myself I'm planning on buying a color laser printer (either HP
or Brother, undecided on which yet) the next time I need a printer. At the
moment I'm lucky enough not to need one. :)

And speaking of printer drivers, I can't say for the Brother brand, but
someone mentioned HP Linux drivers. I only know about cups, not other
printing engines, but don't HP printers under cups just use the OMNI
printer driver? It seems to me the last time I setup a HP LaserJet printer
(LaserJet 4M if memory serves) the printer driver cups installed was just
the OMNI driver. Not that it didn't work wonderfully. I never had any
problems. But I don't think OMNI is an HP specific driver.

--- Dan

On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 7:00 AM, Charles Curley <
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> On Thu, 6 Mar 2014 20:35:10 -0700
> Michael Lovell <toelovell at> wrote:
> > Any recommendations?
> I have a use profile similar to your use profile. I have an HP 7780
> that has served me very well over the last several years. It is an
> office grade high volume ink jet. I can't just drive down to the
> nearest Office Depot to buy a printer, so I went for massive
> over-engineering when I bought the 7780.
> After this discussion the next time I need a printer, I'll reconsider
> laser v. ink jet.
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