Any experience with Ubuity MIMO wireless bridging products?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sat Jun 14 08:36:24 MDT 2014

I've written about this before, but I need to get a reliable, somewhat
high-speed link between two buildings about 600 feet apart, with a good
line of sight between them.  I've been using normal Wifi to do this,
connecting about 400 feet from a normal WAP to my house, and then from
here using another normal WAP on a different channel to connect to a
wireless bridge in the other building.  But this is becoming less than
suitable.  For one, the speeds at 400 feet are never very good, probably
1-2 MBit/s.  Also the link is a bit unstable.  The ultimate solution is
to trench in some fiber optic line, but that's a fair amount of work.
So I was researching more into dedicated point-to-point wireless links.
 I found one that I know will work at about 100 Mbit/s and is about $500
for pair of transceivers, which is not bad.

But I also was looking at the Ubiquity Nanostation Loco 5 units.  They
are about $70 a piece, and are basically normal 5.8 GHz-only wifi units
with built-in directional antennas.  They are supposed to be able to
connect up to a couple of miles and get good signal and speed because of
their antennas.  Also if two units happen to be within the cone of
signal coming from the main access point unit, it can connect to
multiple client bridges, which would actually suit my needs quite well.
 Has anyone on the list had experience with them?  They are supposed to
be weather-proof... dunno if they factor in -40F and high winds.

Worst case, I figure at $70 a unit, I can buy a couple to try out and if
they don't prove reliable, get the more expensive system that I know
will work.

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