Fedora update archives anywhere?

Steve Meyers steve at plug.org
Tue Jun 10 08:55:51 MDT 2014

On 6/7/14 10:35 PM, Michael Torrie wrote:
> I have Fedora 19 here, and recently updated a package that apparently
> has a regression and now things won't work for me (it was wine, which
> regresses all the time).  The original  install had version
> 1.5.something, and along the way I updated to version 1.7.8 which worked
> great for my purpose.  Then the other date it updated again to version
> 1.7.18.  I want to revert to 1.7.8, but I can't find any of the previous
> fedora update packages anywhere online.  This seems rather strange to
> me.  Surely each and every package revision is kept somewhere, even when
> supplanted by another update?  Anyone know?

Have you checked rpm.pbone.net to see if they have links to previous 


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