New Product

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Jun 9 21:36:40 MDT 2014

On 06/09/2014 08:23 PM, James Jensen wrote:
> Dale,
> It is a turn key, dynamic, community based web filtering system for the web.
> I'd love to explain in more detail if you have time to meet in person. I
> work in provo.
> My background is in UX design so I have most of the interface ready to go!
> Just need help putting it together.

I tried to get people interested in developing a similar project a few
years ago.  Lots of interest, but not enough time to donate.  Guess
that's the story for most of us.

You've described the product, but now describe the incentive to help
you.  Is this going to be some sort of open source thing you are looking
to build a community around and get contributions, or are you looking
for contract programmers?  Is this going to be based off of some Linux
distribution? Windows?  Something else?  Hardware?  Do you have startup
funds?  Kickstarter?

I was going to use DansGuardian as the main content filter engine.  I
never did find a router powerful enough to really use with it. However,
DG is not seeing much development these days, and it's causing me more
and more issues lately.  Blocks random sites for being norwegian porn or
something.  I think it's a unicode problem, actually.  Well maybe
character set issue.

If you can develop a product that works decently, there is a market for
it, I'm convinced of that.  The closest thing to what I wanted that you
can buy right now is the "Pandora's Hope" router.  $150.

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