Maildir files and directories

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Thu Jun 5 01:37:30 MDT 2014

Does anyone know what the exact files and/or directories make up an empty
base maildir for a user? I know there's scripts like courier's maildirmake
and things that would set a lot of this up for me, but I'm trying to
understand exactly what goes into making a directory a valid maildir format
mail directory. What I'm looking for is basically this:

Assume a user's base maidir is /mail/$USER. I know that within that
directory are three directories and possibly some files. But is it
/mail/$user/{cur,new,???} or is it /mail/$USER/.maildir/{cur,new,???} or
something like that? And are there any actual FILES (i.e. text or binary
files) that need to be present for something like courier or exim to
recognize the directory as a maildir folder?

I'm really trying to understand mail interactions and such better, so
rather than just rely on what maildirmake or similar programs write, I'm
trying to understand what NEEDS to be there, what's commonly there but not
absolutely required, and what are the contents of those directories and

I appreciate the help on this, guys!

--- Dan

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