A bot or framework to listen and reply when CC'd on an email?

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at bradfords.org
Wed Jun 4 13:46:34 MDT 2014

Thus said "S. Dale Morrey" on Wed, 04 Jun 2014 07:26:57 -0600:

> They want to track certain conversations automatically and log them to
> a JIRA type system.

Do they already have the JIRA type system?

> Specifically they want to be able to CC bugs at theircompany.com and have
> a bot of some sort create a new bug report then respond to everyone on
> the list  (other CC  recipients) with  the identifier  for the  bug so
> everyone is  on the same  page. From  there, subsequent emails  on the
> topic would be appended to  the bug tracker whenever bugs at whatever.com
> is CC'd.

There are commercial products that do this kind of thing already, but if
you are not opposed to rolling your own:

Make   it   so  a   process   can   act   upon  messages   received   at
bugs at theircompany.com (done via .forward, .maildelivery, .qmail, etc...,
or a special  account that downloads email via POP3---easiest  is on the
MTA because  no login information  is required---either way you  want to
make sure your script is written securely).

Then  have it  submit a  new  ticket to  the Fossil  repository for  the
project (they aren't using Fossil[1] yet?) and email out the link to the
Fossil  ticket identifier  to recipient  list  for that  project. If  an
existing ticket identifier  (UUID/SHA1 hash for the  ticket) is included
in the email,  then simply update the  ticket and email out  the link to
the update.

[1] http://www.fossil-scm.org/

> p.s.  Has anyone  else noticed  a severe  drop off  in the  quality of
> google search  results lately? probably a  different conversation, but
> google is beginning to suck bad for me.

Try deleting all cookies that Google stores in your bowser.

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