A bot or framework to listen and reply when CC'd on an email?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 07:26:57 MDT 2014

I have an interesting user requirement.

They want to track certain conversations automatically and log them to a
JIRA type system.

Specifically they want to be able to CC bugs at theircompany.com and have a
bot of some sort create a new bug report then respond to everyone on the
list (other CC recipients) with the identifier for the bug so everyone is
on the same page.  From there, subsequent emails on the topic would be
appended to the bug tracker whenever bugs at whatever.com is CC'd.

I know we've been talking email configurations lately, but assuming I could
figure out how to connect it once I got it, how exactly does one go about
setting up an email account for a bot and letting it log in, process
emails, respond to them and track which ones have been responded to?

Is there a framework for something like this?  I don't care too much about
the language, but this seems like it ought to be a solved problem, sadly
google results keep pointing me to email providers when I search for this.


p.s.  Has anyone else noticed a severe drop off in the quality of google
search results lately?  probably a different conversation, but google is
beginning to suck bad for me.

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