Mail Server Setup

Brian J. Rogers captbrogers at
Sun Jun 1 17:48:27 MDT 2014

I got dinking around and I seem to have edited my way into an non-working
setup. Since I'll be starting over on building a simple mail server, I
wanted advice before I began.

The server will not need to process more than 50 emails a day. I'd like
something lightweight, but I am willing to use more resources for the sake
of security. I'm unsure exactly what things like DKIM would do to help, and
I don't even know if they are necessary. However, I do want to take as many
reasonable precautions as I can when it comes to securing it. I have an
irrational paranoid fear of having my mail server being in a server (e.g.
Google Apps). I have nothing against Google, I'd just like to do my own
server so I can set it up just the way I want. I will be signing each of my
emails with my PGP key, so that will be a must for the configuration.

Are there benefits to getting an SSL certificate for it rather than just
using a self-signed one? Would I be able to force the server to never make
a connection with a client (phone/desktop) without SSL/TLS encryption? Is
there a way to require a SSL/TLS connection from other mail servers before
accepting mail? If there is, does that present problems with any server
that doesn't support that feature?

I was doing some reading on various setups, and I came across a lot of
information that I don't fully understand, hence all the questions. If
anyone has some time and wouldn't mind contacting me in private so that I
can pick your brain and possibly ask more specific questions during the
setup, I would be so grateful as to award you bonus internet points.


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