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Sorry I know this is an old thread but I have a veritable queue of
projects I want to do with arduino/atmegas.

* sous vide cooking - I already have this done to a functional stage,
  working on UI now.
* Sprinkler control - "gee it sure is hot today, better give the lawn a
  little extra water tonight", don't have to wait till the optimal time
  or until I get home, by which time I'll probably have forgotten about
  it. ;)
  I've been toying with the idea of having a camera on the lawn to
  measure the "greenness" of the different zones for a feedback control,
  though I fear the response time may be WAAAY too long to be useful. :/
* thermostat control, like a NEST basically, but
  simpler/cheaper/learninger (I mean that I learn more, not the
  thermostat), per room temperature readings, even if not per-room
* With RPi: a bitcoin point of sale "Pole Display" - a serial connected
  device that the PoS feeds the price to over serial, the RPi parses for
  "Total" or the likes, the price, converts to bitcoin, and displays the
  QR code.
* I might play with X10 at some point

As a side note, I've got one arduino and several atmega328. I do
development on the arduino with breadboards, then as I finish projects I
will PCB them with an atmega for the permanent "finished" project, which
won't have the arduino bootloader or FTDI or anything (programmed over

for linux I love using VIm and 'ino' (inotool rather
than the eye-bleeding arduino IDE. And then for ISP programming I fall
down to avrdude, but use the .hex that ino produced to upload. And for a
programmer I use the usbtiny 'littlewire' (actually, an SMD version of
it that my brother designed

Enjoy your *duinoing! :D

<quote name="Tod Hansmann" date="Wed, 12 Mar 2014 at 19:07 -0600">
> I'm fiddling with some *duinos a bit and I thought it would be a
> good discussion topic.  Tell me, what would YOU want to do with a
> *duino?
> (Responses are not limited to one, don't steal an idea from others,
> keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, do not pet
> the animals, void where prohibited, electronics experience not
> required, see inside store for details.)
> -Tod Hansmann
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